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Our Divisional Meeting at Torquay on Saturday 27th November 2021 - the day of Storm Arwen!

Little did we realise that a weather problem with such a small name could have such a big impact on our Divisional Meeting!

Storm Arwen brought down trees, and caused accidents and floods, but it was not strong enough to stop over seventy knights journeying from all over the U.K. to Torquay to support our Intendant General, Richard Lucas, at the Devon & Cornwall Divisional meeting on Saturday 27th November 2021.

A buffet of goodies provided and served by our ladies awaited the Knights as they arrived at St.Marychurch and old and new friendships were cemented with stories of the problems of the last year being brought to the forefront, and how nice it was to be 'face to face' with old friends!

Despite our Intendant General and his family being involved in a bad motor accident the day before on his way home from preparing the Temple (no one was seriously hurt) he welcomed his guests as if nothing had happened and he carried out the Divisional Meeting in a like manner.

After the meeting we retired to the nearby Anchorage Hotel for lunch with good company, good food and good wine, by which time the storm had abated somewhat for our journeys home.

All in all a most enjoyable day despite Storm Arwen!


Click here to see the photos of the meeting (and the crash)!

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Our Intendant General becomes W.M. of St.Aubyn Council  33T.I. of the Allied Degree on Friday 29th October 2021
Read a report, with photos of the event below from Barry Slade, District Grand Prefect

Coming out of lockdown the first meeting of most units will probably be an Installation meeting, a proclamation or full Installation. On the evening of the 29th of October the St Aubyn Council,number 33ti (time immemorial), of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees held their Installation meeting at the Mt Edgcumbe Masonic Hall

The Installation of the new Master was preceded by the admission of a new member to the Council, Brother George Stuart Bennell who took the first of five Degrees in which he was Introduced, Received and Admitted. The ceremony of George’s admission was conducted in an excellent manner by Right Worshipful Brother Anthony Vickery, our Immediate Past District rand Prefect.

he next part of the evening was to Install the Master Elect Brother Richard Lucas. It is customary or the outgoing Master to install his successor but on this occasion the Worshipful Master .Bro. Mervyn Collings was unable to attend owing to illness. I enquired of the Secretary, who, would be Installing Richard into the Chair and volunteered my services. I was overjoyed when, enquiring again, he said ‘I thought that you were doing it’.

I know that W.Bro. Richard, better known to most as the Intendent General of the Red Cross of Constantine for Devon & Cornwall, will be an excellent Master, and I understand that he already has some work to do in his year.

Before closing, I must extend my thanks to the many Brethren from around the District who came to witness history being made in the St Aubyn Council. Barry W Slade
District Grand Prefect


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Grand Imperial Conclave - Tuesday 12th October 2021

A five o’clock alarm, the wife grumbling and turning over, a 200 mile drive through fog and mist and a battle through London traffic to find a parking space followed by a crowded hour long tube journey were not enough to deter us from attending the Grand Imperial conclave held on Tuesday 12th October in the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall in London.

I was joined  by three Knights from across Devon.  We stopped at the services on the M3 for Coffee and a superb Bacon Butty Roll each.  We arrived at Great Queen Street with plenty of time to spare so were able to savour the delights of the new Cafe and Bar on the ground floor of Freemasons’ Hall where we started to renew old acquaintances and meet up with the other fourteen knights from Devon & Cornwall – unfortunately R.Ill.& Em.Kt. Peter Hawken MBE,GC.C. had been unable to attend due to illness.

After donning our regalia we made our way to the magnificent Grand Temple and took our seats.  The entrance of the Grand Sepulchre Guard heralded the start of the proceedings with the V.I.Ps parading in followed by the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign.

After opening Grand Imperial Conclave the Grand Sovereign carried out the business of the meeting in his usual calm, gentle and almost casual way and we all applauded loudly as the members of our own Division received their appointments, and we were delighted to hear that our own Intendant General, R.Ill.Kt. Richard Lucas had been elected to serve on the Grand Sovereign’s Council.

The meeting was then closed and we went off to find out which bars were the most reasonably priced before going to our tables and partaking of a most enjoyable dinner.

Then back through the hubbub of London to our car park to settle down to the 200 mile journey home.

A most convivial day at Grand Imperial Conclave in very good company.

To view the photos of the day click here


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Mount Lebanon Conclave No270 - Proclamation/Consecration Meeting Monday 27th September 2021

For the first time in about a year and a half eighteen worthy knights came face to face for a 'live' meeting - and what a meeting it was!!

We gathered for the proclamation of the Puissant Sovereign, P.Kt. Gary Peard as Sovereign and the consecration of W.Kt. Robin Clowes as Viceroy of Mount Lebanon Conclave No 270 for the ensuing year.

P.Kt. Roger Goulding made a superb job with faultless ritual of Consecrating W.Kt. Robin and P.Kt. Gary was proclaimed in the same excellent manner by the Recorder John Redman

We could not have hoped for any better ritual, but we were proved wrong by W.Kt. Bill Humphries who presented the Oration to the assembled company faultlessly.

Rt.Ill.& Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, MBE, GCC, the Deputy Grand Sovereign, accompanied be Rt.Ill.Kt. Richard Lucas, our Intendant General and Ill.Kt. Nicholas St.John Middleton White, our Deputy Intendant General  could not have been more impressed with the way all of the ritual was delivered after so many months of inactivity in the Conclaves!  Congratulations also to V.Ill.Kt Roy Rudling, the Conclave Marshal who'se hard work showed through in the way he managed the whole meeting!

The evening culminated with a plated buffet for for a king.  And the worthy knights departed in time to arrive home by 10:00 o'clock.

A wonderful first evening thoroughly enjoyed by all!!

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Joseph of Arimathea Zoom Meeting Friday 3rd September 2021

What a pleasure it was to again be in the company of Knights from Joseph of Arimathea last Friday evening.  However it has to be said how much we all missed the company of that stalwart V.Ill.Kt. William George Lissamer or Bill as we a new him so well!

The MPS. P.Kt. Colin Rescorla opened the meeting after the dispensation was read, and referred to the sad loss of Bill Lissamer from our numbers.

The minutes of the zoom meting held on 4th June were confirmed in which Em Kt P.F Johns had been elected as Sovereign for the ensuing year, W.Kt S.C. Bennett had been elected as Viceroy for the ensuing year, and Ill. Kt A.J. Herdman had been elected as Treasurer for the ensuing year.

W.Kt. Stephen Ham was then elected as a joining member.

Matters of other business were then discussed by the members, and the Divisional Recorder, Alan Cockman offered to liaise with Marc Quigley-Ferriday to ascertain his plans now that his suspension had been cleared.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 6:30 and some knights stayed on to keep up the chatting.

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St Brannock Conclave Zoom Meeting Wednesday 1st September 2021

Nine worthy knights joined the MPS Ian Pollock for the virtual Business meeting of St Brannock Conclave last night, and what a pleasure it was to become re-acquainted with them and catch up on their news!

One sad bit of News was the loss of Steve Marshal recently.

Another piece of news was that Gwyn Thomas's Lizwife had broken her arm quite badly as had Paul Ackland's partner, Chris.  Both men were now busy on cooking, ironing and washing duties!!

After the meeting was started, the business proceeded with D. Hingston being elected as Viceroy, K. Taylor being elected as MPS and P. Howard Baker being elected as Treasurer for the forthcoming year - enthronement to be held in April 2022

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 6:30 and some knights stayed on to keep up the chatting.

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Please make a note in your diaries .....  The Divisional Meeting will be held at :-


The Masonic Hall, 1, St. Margaret’s Road, Torquay, TQ1 4NW at 10:45 on Saturday 27th November 2021 with Lunch being held at the nearby  Anchorage Hotel.


Further details, a booking form and a summons will follow shortly.

Divisional Officers to be appointed at the above Divisional Meeting .....
Office   Forename Surname Conclave No
Divisional Eusebus P.Kt. John Whitfield St Brannock 342
Divisional Senior General P.Kt. Michael Howard St Ercus 349
Divisional Junior General P.Kt. Mark  Richardson St John Evangelist 238
Divisional High Prelate V.Ill.Kt. Louis Baycock Resurrection 432
Divisional Registrar P.Kt. Barry Slade Mount Lebanon 270
Divisional Treasurer E.Kt. Norman Yarde Royal Citadel 327
Divisional Recorder V.Ill.Kt. Alan Cockman St Brannock 342
Divisional Almoner Ill.Kt. Peter Durrant MBE Royal Citadel 327
Divisional Marshal Ill.Kt. Chris Thomas Royal Citadel 327
Divisional Sword Bearer P.Kt. Gary Peard Mount Lebanon 270
Divisional Deputy Marshal V.Ill.Kt. Roy Rudling Mount Lebanon 270
Divisional Chamberlain P.Kt. Paul Lloyd Holy Trinity 311
Divisional Sub Prelate V.Ill.Kt. Graham Lea MBE Royal Citadel 327
Divisional Standard Bearer (C) P.Kt. Christopher Simons Resurrection 432
Divisional Standard Bearer (L) P.Kt. Roger Pullyblank Mount Lebanon 270
Diviional Prefect P.Kt. Paul Roberts St Ercus 349
Divisional Warden of Regalia P.Kt. Nigel Frude Royal Citadel 327
Divisional Assistant Recorder Ill.Kt. Michael Jones St John Evangelist 238
Divisional Organist V.Ill.Kt. Roger Freeman St Ercus 349
Divisional Herald P.Kt. David Lloyd Holy Trinity 311
Divisional Sentinel P.Kt. Adam Jeffery St Brannock 342

Congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing you on November 27th, if not before!!

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And, probable dates for the rest of this year and for 2022.....

  Conclave Meetings 2020

Day/Date                                  Conclave

Tue 2rd Nov                St. John the Evangelist No 238

Tue 9th Nov                Conclave of Light No 498

Sat 27th Nov               DIVISIONAL MEETING TORQUAY




Conclave Meetings 2022 (Covid 19 permitting)


Day/Date                                Conclave

Fri/ 7th Jan                  Joseph of Arimathea No 253
Wed/12th Jan             Holy Trinity No 311
Tue/1st Feb                  St. John the Evangelist No 238

Mon/28h Feb              Mount Lebanon No 270

Tue/1st Mar                Conclave of Ascension- ENTHRONEMENT No 499
Tue/8th Mar                St. Ercus No 349

Sun/20th Mar??          DIVISIONAL LUNCHEON  ??
Tue/22nd Mar ??        Topsham: Appendant Orders No 238 ??

Thu/24th Mar              Resurrection—ENTHRONEMENT No 432
Fri/25thMar                 Royal Citadel No 327

Tue/12th Apr               Conclave of Light No 498

Wed/20th Apr              St. Brannock ENTHRONEMENT No 342

Wed/18th May             Holy Trinity No 311
Fri/3rd Jun                 Joseph of Arimathea No 253

Mon/6th Jun                Mount Lebanon ENTHRONEMENT No 270

Tue/7th Jun                 St. John the Evangelist ENTHRONEMENT No 238Official Visit

Thu/ 9th Jun                St. Brannock No 342
Wed/15th Jun             Conclave of Ascension No 499
Tue/21st Jun               St. Ercus No 349

Fri/24th Jun                 Royal Citadel No 327

Fri/1st Jul ??               Perranporth: Appendant Orders 253,270,349 &498

Tuesday 6th July        GRAND CONCLAVE

Tue/12th Jul                Conclave of Light - ENTHRONEMENT No 498

Fri/2nd Sep                 Joseph of Arimathea ENTHRONEMENT No 253

Wed/7th Sep               St. Brannock No 342

Wed/14th Sep             Holy Trinity ENTHRONEMENT No 311

Fri/142th Sep              Conclave of Resurrection No 432

Sun 19th Sep??          Annual Church Service
Mon/26th Sep             Mount Lebanon No 270
Tue/4th Oct                 Conclave of Ascension No 499

Thu/6th Oct                 Torquay Appendant Orders 311,327,499 & Div Meeting.

Tue/11th Oct               St. Ercus ENTHRONEMENT No 349

Mon/24th Oct              Royal Citadel ENTHRONEMENT No 327Official Visit
Tue 1st Nov                St. John the Evangelist No 238
Tue/8th Nov                Conclave of Light No 498

Sat/26th Nov               DI VI SI ONAL MEETI NG T ORQUAY 10.45


All the above dates need confirming!!!

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